Our team

Moorcroft Racehorse Welfare Centre consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced employees. Allow us to introduce them to you here.

Full Time Live-in Staff

The staff live in as the horses get 24 hour assistance and the two cottages are on the yard so not much happens without one of us seeing or hearing it. The normal day runs from 6am or 7am until 4pm but live-in staff work again between 7pm and 8pm.
Live-in staff are very ably assisted by part-time staff who are invaluable.

Our Team

Mary Frances

Chief Executive

Lianne Bird

Yard Manager

Leah Harwood

Head Girl

Jessica Hall


Mary Frances BHSII & BHS.SM

Chief Executive

Mary started working at Moorcroft in 2007 and has been progressing the Centre and the staff well since then.  Mary has spent most of her equine working life training young and wayward horses and has gained much sympathy and understanding in this field.  She has also specialised and understands well that physical discomfort in the horse will dictate its behaviour, especially when ridden, so making sure all horses are sound and pain free is paramount to good progress, safe riding and to the horses to ensure a happy and progressive future.  Mary believes in training all staff daily so that the Centre and the horses are always progressing and nothing gets missed.


Mobile - 07929 666408


Lianne Bird BHSAI S.M.

Yard Manager

Lianne says "I started at Moorcroft full time back in April 2008 and very quickly realised that I had found a yard with a deep understanding on how to train horses properly.  After being head girl for 7 years, I decided to gain experience in other areas of the equine industry but quickly learnt where my heart belonged and bounced back like a boomerang.

I’m now very excited and proud to say that I have returned full time as Yard Manager."

Leah Harwood - BSc (Hons) Equine Psychology & Sports Science, BHS Stage 1

Head Girl


Leah says: "I first started working at Moorcroft as a volunteer for a 6 week Summer placement for University. Within that space of time I learnt so much both on and off the ground. I improved a lot in my riding and I was able to feel a lot more confident again with Mary teaching me. I enjoyed seeing the progression achieved of each individual horse that once I graduated from my degree I had to come back! Not only is it rewarding making a differences with the horses that they are able to move on and be re-homed but also having your own sense of achievement from being able to contribute and improve in yourself."


Jessica Hall - BSc (Hons) Equine Science, BHS Stage 1 - Ride



Jessica worked part time at Moorcroft Racehorse Welfare Centre whilst studying at University for a BSc (Hons) Equine Science degree before becoming Head Girl. Jess found this a huge advantage as she worked alongside the vet, farrier and physiotherapist, all of whom are always helpful and willing to answer any queries. Mary also takes the team to local lectures and shows which also relates to the university modules.


Jess says "I've learnt so much about the racing and rehabilitation industry and how to effectively retrain ex-rachorses. I enjoy all aspects of my job from riding to helping out at charity days and just spending time with the horses.  I've therefore become incredibly passionate about our horses and the work we do. There's no better job satisfaction than seing a horse come straight from the track, working closely with them and then seeing them re-homed.  I'm very proud to work for Moorcroft and hope to have many more years helping ex-racehorses have a second chance in life.

We are also delighted to have invaluable help from our volunteers.

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