Retraining A Racehorse

Our belief is that "Correct basic training is a horses insurance policy"


The Centre's Chief Executive, Mary Frances BHSII & BHS.SM has many years experience in training horses with the main emphasis on them being comfortable and sound to be ridden, to do a job. At Moorcroft, we feel that unless we get to the bottom of 'issues', 'quirks', behavioural traits' and all the other excuses that people make for ex-racehorses then we won't really be able to give these horses a long-term future which is what we were set up to do.

The Training


All the horses go through a simple, basic, sympathetic retraining programme which they thrive on and aspects of this training is explained at our evening courses and regular Demonstrations – please see Course and Demos page for more info on these. Building the horses confidence in you as a rider and/or handler is the key to good training. No restrictive gadgets, or aggressive methods are used here - just basic honest horsemanship.


Long-reining to improve posture and strength


All Moorcroft horses learn to long-rein for posture improvement and strength. They can work on straight lines in a good outline, strengthening and lifting their backs every step of the way so they become comfortable horses for riders to sit on and therefore happy horses. There are many advantages to this schooling method and if taught correctly has huge benefits for any horse.

Photograph by Julie Badrick


Running around on the end of the lunge line on a permanent circle is something I never understood and it certainly will weaken and strain your horse in many ways – apart from exhausting it. We work well with an excellent vet and an ACPAT registered physiotherapist who have never failed to unearth and treat the problems that we often find these ex-racehorses have gone through.


These problems, if not found and solved, will prevent them from going on to comfortable new careers and therefore we are committed to helping them to change their way of going and their basic understanding of how to carry a rider. To this end they must be sound and pain-free.


Do you need short-term help with your ex-racehorse?


Do you need help with schooling your ex-racehorse short-term or with veterinary advice regarding ex-racehorses? We can provide help with this so please feel free to call Mary for a chat about your requirements on 07929 666408.

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