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Press release Jan/Feb 19

9 November 2016


Some of you may have had your attention drawn to certain defamatory comments on Facebook and the Horse and Hounds blog regarding this worthwhile charity. It is always sad when one individual tries to devalue the important work we undertake. The charity had no alternative to protect its position and that of Mary Frances and as such took legal advice. Given the nature of the comments it was important to ensure that the individual concerned was made aware of how we operate on a day to day basis. Everything  we do at Moorcroft is with the aim of ensuring that each and every horse in our care is given a chance of a comfortable and sound future. 


We hope that you have not been unduly upset about what you may have read. However we have received an apology from the individual concerned and her letter has been set out below.



We have been featured in the following article in Jeannie's Equestrian World: Click Here to read the full article.

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